The Ark Workshop has been in business since 1992.  We focus our efforts on designing and manufacturing "unique designs for the outdoors".   When we first started, we sold products in popular retail chains in the United States.  Our products have been sold in stores such as ACE HARDWAREs, MEIJERs, HWI DO-IT CENTERs, GROCERY STOREs, GIFTS SHOPs, & POPULAR TRADE & CRAFT SHOWs.   We just want you to know that these products are of store quality and have passed the stringent standards of retailers!  We're offering close-to-wholesale pricing. All items come with informative product tags and information that will help you fully enjoy your item.  If you require more information, just email us and we'll be happy to answer your questions...... the.arkworkshop@yahoo.com.

The Ark Workshop is a family owned business.  We initially were working in corporate healthcare but wanted a career that would enable us to spend more time as a family.  Taking a leap-of-faith,  we left our secure jobs and tried to find such a profession.   In between interviews, we kept busy woodworking and making unique items for our lawn and garden. Then one day, a passing motorist noticed one of our designs and stopped to see if we would be willing to make one for her. We agreed and, before long, we started getting a few more orders from others. After a while, we began interviewing less and building more.  Before we knew it, we had a couple weeks of orders and we started to consider the possibility of pursuing this as our occupation.  Through prayer and hard work, we started to grow this business and we call it THE ARK WORKSHOP (after Noah and The Ark).  We give all thanks to God for allowing us to pursue this dream. 

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