Tractor Birdhouse

Tractor Birdhouse
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  • Item #: TRACTOR-BH

Decorative TRACTOR birdhouse
12"L x 8W x 12"H

The TRACTOR birdhouse is a handcrafted, painted item that can be hung or post mounted.  It is a cute, country style design with smoke stack, wheels, front balancing weights, headlights, and trim.  To clean, simply remove the roof cap lid and clean out the nests in between broods.  A hanging cord is attached so, when it arrives, it will be ready for use.

4X4 BASEPLATE ALSO AVAILABLE:  As mentioned above, this style can be hung or post mounted.  If you wanted to mount this on a 4x4 post, we would be happy to attach a 4x4 baseplate on the underside of this item.  In that way, all you need to do is slide it onto a 4x4 post and tighten a couple screws.


Exterior wood construction for years of enjoyment.
Roof lid removes for easy cleaning.
Decorative design makes birdwatching fun!
OPTION personalizations & baseplate.

OPTIONAL FEATURES:  At the bottom of this page will be a way to choose options for this item.  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.

4x4 BASEPLATE SLEEVE: $5 for a baseplate sleeve that is attached to the underside of this item.  in doing so, it makes installing on a 4x4 post a snap!  Baseplate will match the color of the item and all screws are provided.  Picture shows example of baseplate being attached to gazebo bottom.

HORIZONTAL NAME PLATE: $5 for a @ 1" x 5" WHITE PAINTED name plate with black lettering.   The letters are professionally typeset fonts which are latex laminated to a wooden board. The latex laminate seals the sign and protects it from weather. Plate is attached as shown in the product picture.  10 character max.


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