Straw Bedding - 1/2 BALE (6-leaves)

Dry, Dust-Free, Indiana Grown Straw Bedding
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  • Item #: STRAW - 1/2 BALE

1/2 BALE STRAW.  Our 1/2 bale of compressed straw measures approx 19" x 16" x 20"tall.  The straw is compressed together and packed tight.  This means the 1/2 bale will expand out to even more coverage.  1/2 bale is equivalent to approximately 6 leaves of straw.  Ark Workshop STRAW is compacted, compressed dry straw that is harvested from Indiana fields.  INFO ABOUT OUR STRAW.   It covers a wide area and STRAW is a very warm bedding because it traps air.  We selected a supplier that takes great pride in the growth of his straw.  He strives to make sure that his fields have little to no weed growth so that his straw is of the highest quality.  He also processes his straw in such a way so as to try to limit the amount of straw dust and seeds.  However, even though straw manufacturers do their best to provide us with straw having minimal seeds and low dust, all straw will usually exhibit some of those things as it moves from the process of field to consumer.  Straw is harvested from the field, stored by supplier, transported and purchased by us, sold by us, distributed to consumer through shipping carriers, and then arrives to the customer.  There are alot of steps it goes through to reach the customer.  However, we inspect our straw, up front, so that we are starting with the best quality that we can provide to our customers.

STRAW FIRMNESS & SHELTER SIZE.  Our straw is fresh and harvested from fields in our area.  The straw is firm but, when exposed to foot traffic, softens to the proper consistency which is how straw should work.  Be cautious about using/purchasing softer straws.  Those tend to be absorbent which is not what one would want as bedding material for outdoor animals.  Pets will get snow on their paws and then they'll bring that snow onto the bedding.  Soft straws will absorb that moisture whereas firm straw will not.  When providing for your pets, just be sure to not humanize them thinking they need soft, pillowy type bedding or a large spacious shelter where they can sprawl out.  Your pet needs a compact shelter that retains warmth and durable bedding that will keep them dry, warm, and comfortable from all that mother nature has to offer.

Ark Workshop STRAW arrives enclosed in a plastic bag and in its own box.  The box can be kept upright and stored in dry area.  All you need to do is open up the box end, remove straw, as needed, and re-close flaps.  The box serves as a nice container and helps decrease any straw messes.  Cats nuzzle down into straw and surround themselves with it.  They seem to understand its warmth properties.   Straw conforms and molds nicely as it presses up against the inner walls, etc....and the cat will create a cup-like shape in the middle much like baby birds in a bird's nest.  Some customers put straw around the outside of the house and up against the sides to help block winds, etc....which is a good idea.  The idea there is to create a nest effect outside and then nuzzle the house down into that.  If needed, you can add straw to your shelter, a little at a time, and add more as your cat becomes used to it.  Having STRAW BEDDING arrive at your doorstep is much more convenient than having to venture out and transport it in your vehicle.  It also eliminates car messes that generally occur when transporting.  Re-order as needed.  Three quantities availbable:  2 Leaves and 1/2 Bale (approx 6 leaves).  If you have already ordered your house and also ordered straw as an option, the introductory amount you received was 1 Leaf.  Also note:  Shipping rates are determined by box SIZE and not box weight.  Although straw is a light item, the boxing requirements will determine the ship rate.  Thanks.


NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING CHARGES FOR STRAW:   Although straw is a light item, box size is what will determine the ship rate.  Ship charges for straw can seem high because oftentimes the ship rate is very close to product price and sometimes even more.  Many consumers perceive straw as a lightweight and fluffy item.  Therefore, shipping rates should be low ... right?  I remember seeing a seller selling tumbleweeds for use as a household decoration.  The ship rates were high because of the box size that was needed to ship the item.  That is the same scenario with straw.  Ship rates are based on box size versus box weight.   The rates that are charged are calculated by the carrier and it will require every bit of the shipping charged to get straw quantities to their destinations.  One comforting thought is to know that your straw comes compressed and compacted and, once fluffed out, will yield many "refillings".  Therefore, when you consider the overall price in comparison to the number of refilling’s that you'll experience, you'll see that straw is a very economical choice.

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