Squirrel House - RIGHT side enter

Outdoor cedar squirrel house
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  • Item #: SQ-H-RS

Dimensions: 14L x 9W x 18H         Shipping Weight: 12 lbs
-RIGHT SIDE entrance-

Recently, some customers shared these comments:

"I just wanted to let you know what a joy the 2 squirrel houses I got from you have brought me! I was not sure they would use them but they love them. And I love watching them play around them. Thanks"

"I’ve bought this model house before from you, and me and my squirrels loved it."

"I’m a wildlife rehabber. I’ve got 5 squirrel babies who will move into this house and then use it as their home in the wild."


My rehab/released baby squirrel LOVES this house!

PERFECT in every way! There is NOTHING that could have been better!


Besides feeding squirrels, it's fun to provide a shelter for them too. If you live in an area that has squirrels, you probably have noticed large collection of leaves in trees .......that's where squirrels are living. These leaf nests are very compacted, snug, and warm. They're great for the cold winter months as well as for raising young. However, these shelters are susceptible to damage by high winds. That's one of the best reasons to put up a SQUIRREL HOUSE.

Our Squirrel House is made entirely of cedar. It is assembled with BOTH nails and screws making it very DURABLE. The interior is very warm and the corners/seams have been sealed so there are no drafts. The hole is the proper size 3" diameter to allow squirrels easy access and exit. The floor is recessed up so that there is no water wick-up. This is important because it keeps the floor dry and the occupants very comfortable. A convenient cleat-ladder has been added to the side. Mounting holes have been predrilled and 4 mounting nails are provided. Finally, we have also included a CEDAR SHINGLED ROOF for added protection again the weather. The roof can also be removed if needed. You really get alot for your dollar with this item. This item weighs approximately 10 lbs.

PINE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE:  If needing a shelter for those small animals that might have a sensitivity to cedar (ie: ferrets, etc), just send a note, along with your order, that you need the PINE VERSION instead.  Both versions look the same.

WORKSHOP NOTE: The side on which the entrance is located does not make a big difference. We have found that squirrels use both equally well. However, since weather comes in from the west, it is best to have the house mounted in such a way that the entrance is facing toward the east. In that way, the entrance is protected from pounding rains and high winds. Therefore, we offer both entrance types so that you can place the house properly and also be able to view the entrance from windows in your home.



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 FILLING OF STRAW: $9 for a full house-filling of straw.  Straw is a natural bedding accepted by all wildlife.  It helps retain heat and keeps animals warm.  That is why it is used so frequently in barns.   Many feel that if you provide bedding in a squirrel house, it will help them more quickly accept their new man-made home.  Often times, the natural bedding that squirrels seek out (like leaves, etc.) are wet and beginning to decompose.  Providing straw will help out these furry friends and give them a head start.  House will arrive with straw inside.   

CEDAR SEAL: for $19 we will seal the entire outside and underside of the house (the interior is not sealed and is kept natural). Cedar is one of the best woods to use for outdoor items. It is a wood that can expand and contract with warm and cold weather. It is a great insulator. After a period of time, cedar will begin to lighten to a silvery gray. However, if you want to keep cedar looking its TAN color longer, then a sealant is recommended. We use a product called CLEAR WOOD FINISH. It is low odor, water soluble, and penetrates deep into the pours of the cedar.......providing a clear coat of protection and preserving the tan color.  

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