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Robin Dove House Nesting Ledge
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As owners of The Ark Workshop, we’ve been designing and building wildlife housing & feeders for over 30 years. We've been fortunate to have had many of our products sold in popular retail chains in the United States.  When creating houses or feeders, our primary focus is to create designs that will be used by specific wildlife.  Much research and time goes into that.  We’ve literally spent years refining every design.  We’ve found that there are certain features a house/feeder needs to have for wildlife to accept it, use it, and then return to use it again!  Through our personal experiences, thousands of customer correspondences, and years of research … we’ve discovered some valuable insights that have helped us create these wildlife-specific products.   Whenever possible, we always try to include a picture of the product in use so that you know that is has a proven track record.  Thanks for considering our items and for visiting our shop.  We hope we can be of service to you today!  Mark & Jane.


ROBIN LEDGE DETAILS:                       
Size:  6"deep x 10.5"wide x 12.5"tall                  
Weight:  5 lbs
Materials:  All Cedar plus glue, nails, and screws
* No assembly required--ready to use on arrival.
* Mounting instructions included with each house.
* 1 ledge accommodates 1 bird family.
* This is also used by Doves & Finches.
* Shipping discount when more than one ordered.


Robins are one of the most common backyard birds. Their early morning song is almost like a rooster announcing the start of a new day. Robins are a migratory bird which means they migrate south during the winter and then return north for mating and nest building. Robins are loyal birds. The robins you had last year will be the same that will return this year.  They are very territorial. 

  Robins (and doves) generally nest out in the open (on tree limbs) and are very exposed to weather.   As the female lays on her nest, she often gets wet and damp when it rains.  However, she doesn't seem to mind.  When nesting, the female likes to be able to see from as many angles as possible so as to be on guard against predators.  The female robin chooses her nest site and both work together to build the nest.  Nests are typically in the lower half of a tree, although they can be built as high as the treetop.  In western states, American Robins may build their nests on the ground while in northern areas, they sometimes nest on buildings or cliffs.

Robins are well known for building their nests in the crook of gutter downspots, on top of meters, and other unusual areas. That's why it's a good idea to offer them a NESTING LEDGE.  Doves are in the same situation.  They will not use closed-in birdhouses where they have to enter a hole. They need an open area to build their nests so that the female is able to see from all angles while incubating her eggs.  Doves nests are extremely fragile and are composed of just a few twigs.  A nesting ledge for them is very beneficial.  

When designing nesting ledges for robins, it’s important to keep them as wide open as possible otherwise they will not use it.  Something more closed in is actually the opposite of what they prefer.  A wide open platform is also best because it is more accommodating to their wider wingspan (versus a smaller bird).   The female and male need to be able to swoop right down into the nest when they are on their feeding routines.   Therefore, the roof overhang and angle need to be set just right to accomplish this.  As mentioned earlier, female robins traditionally nest in the nook of a tree or on a branch.  She often gets wet while nesting.  However, the canopy of tree leaves does offer some protection.  Compared to these weather conditions, an added benefit of a robin ledge is that it provides them with more protection than they're currently receiving.  


This NESTING LEDGE is made of all cedar and is the perfect size for a robin's nest. We use all 3 fasteners (nails, screws, and glue)  when building our products.  This creates a very durable item.  Nails alone will not hold up against mother nature.  Glue alone will not.  Screws might.  We use all 3.  This house has pre-drilled holes on the back board so that you can insert screws and then mount the house wherever you want.  You can mount it to a tree or to the side of your house or in an area that you feel the robin will nest or has nested before.  The roof is shingled with a cedar layered roof which will provide years of durability.  A unique feature of this design is the perching platform on top which the robins use to guard their new home. 


“Well-made nesting shelf that arrived quickly. Looks very nice. The robins and I are enjoying it. Thanks.”

“Shipped quickly, high quality craftsmanship, very happy with this purchase, I would definitely buy from this store again!”

Cedar construction for years of enjoyment.
We use ALL fasteners to create a long-lasting product.
Fully assembled & ready to use upon arrival.
Shingled roof for house durability and decor.
The Open platform design is appealing and preferred by Robins.


"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not much more valuable than they?  Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"  Matthew 6:26, 27


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