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Ark Workshop Dry, Dust-Free, PINE Bedding
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PINE BEDDING wood shavings are a quality bedding solution for horses, livestock, and outdoor pets. The shavings contain low amounts of dust, and the shaving pieces are smaller, which increases absorbency and reduces the amount of waste during cleaning. Each bag is highly compressed for more economical transport. Qty weighs approx 20bs and covers approximately 4 cubic feet which will offer approx 8 refillings of a MEDIUM SIZE CAT SHELTER.  Easy clean, Dried for maximum absorbency, Low dust, Less waste - Economical. 

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING CHARGES FOR PINE BEDDING:   Although PINE SHAVINGS are light in weight, the box size is what will determine the ship rate.  Sometimes the ship rate will be close to product price and perhaps even more.  Many consumers perceive PINE SHAVINGS as lightweight and fluffy.  Therefore, shipping rates should be low ... right?  I remember seeing a seller selling tumbleweeds for use as a household decoration.  The ship rates were high because of the box size that was needed to ship the item.  That is the same scenario with pine bedding.  Ship rates are based on box size versus box weight.   The rates that are charged are calculated by the carrier and it will require every bit of the shipping charged to get quantities to their destinations.  One comforting thought is to know that your bedding comes compressed and compacted and, once fluffed out, will yield many "refillings".  Therefore, when you consider the overall price in comparison to the number of refilling’s that you'll experience, you'll see that pine bedding is a very economical choice.

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