© Ark Workshop Ladybug Houses are effective in providing shelter for ladybugs. People like using ladybug houses because Ladybugs eat alot of aphids and aphids cause damage to gardens.    Ark Workshop Ladybug Houses are made of thick cedar and many of our roofs are shingled.  A solid roof (like the roof on any home) helps to better protect and extend the life of the house underneath. The roof will help trap in heat and warmth which is appealing to ladybugs.  They like to cluster together in areas of warmth.  Also, the various roof choices allows customers to choose items they'll feel proud to incorporate into their landscaping efforts. A Ladybug information card is included with each house.   This information will share facts about ladybugs and also explain how to mount and care for your new house.  We offer 2 PACK and 6 PACK specials.

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