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Do you carry other brands?
In our business, we do alot of research so that we can build and offer high-quality items. Whenever we carry something made by another company, we always make sure that it is top notch and of high-quality. We always want to make sure that we are offering our customers products that they can trust and which will perform well ..... whether it be the Ark Workshop brand or another.  Anytime we include another brand item on our website, take comfort and know that we have researched it, tested it, and it has met up to Ark Workshop standards.  We have deemed it to be a quality product for inclusion in our product line.  Therefore, it is given the "Noah's Thumbs Up" stamp of approval.

How much is shipping? 
If you need to calculate the shipping on any particular item, you can simply put that item(s) in the shopping cart and proceed as if you are placing an order.  You will come to a PAYMENT METHOD section.  Simply do not proceed further unless you wanted to place an order.  In that way, you can see the shipping rates without making a commitment to purchase any particular item.  Sometimes, customers go ahead and place their orders and make payment so that they can get their order in the queue.  You can always make changes and additions to an order. Getting your order in the queue means that any other orders that come in will be entered after your order.  However, orders are not considered as being "placed or in the queue" until payment is made.  If you accidentally proceed too far and an order does go through, we will simply email you to see if you want to complete payment or need assistance.  We do accept phone payments and would be happy to help you complete your order.  You can contact us for that at 765-296-2227 and leave a number where we can reach you.  

Can I add to my order later? Can I customize my order?
Yes.  We want you to get exactly what you want.  Our business is based on you being able to tailor your cat house to your particular needs .... almost as if you are building the house yourself.  Feel free to contact us with any additions and changes.  However, once you place an order, we immediately reserve shop time in your name and for your project.  We actually start building certain parts of your order right away.   Placing an order really becomes more of an appointment-time for us "to finish the build on Mr/Mrs Smith's cat house".   Reserved shop time is valuable and especially as our schedules get full.  Therefore, although we accept changes and additions to an order, we really are unable to accept cancellations.   

How long will it take for my item to arrive? What is your turnaround time?
Turnaround time is determined by the number of orders that we currently have secured on the workshop schedule.  As one week fills up, we start scheduling projects in the following week, and so on, etc.  Turnaround times tend to fluctuate and usually increase in the Fall and colder months.  Therefore, it is always better to order sooner versus later.  Our current turnarounds are listed on the homepage.  Most packages arrive toward the end of any given week.   

Do you allow returns?

Do you have any "brick and mortar" stores?

Can I pick up my item at your shop to save on shipping charges?

Do you ship to Canada?

Do I have to pay with PayPal?
NO.  Toward the end of the ordering process, a section called PAYMENT METHOD will appear.  When you click the NEXT buttom,  it will take you to a PayPal payment screen.  On that screeen, it will ask you to LOG IN to your PayPal account.  If you do not have a PayPal account (or wish to NOT use your paypal account), simply scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD.  It is here that you can complete your transaction using your credit card.  You are using a guest feature (created by PayPal) whereby you are completing the transaction by using their check-out tools.  They do not store your information or use it in any way.

We use PayPal for processing credit cards because their security protection systems are the best in the industry.  Once you complete your transaction, paypal will send you a confirmation saying THANKS FOR USING PAYPAL.  If you chose to use your credit card, paypal will still send you this thank you even though it does not mean that you actually paid with paypal.  They're simply thanking you for using their business tools.  Also:  if you prefer to provide your card information over the phone ..... no problem.  Simply contact us at 765-296-2227.  Most times the answering machine will pick up your call.  Just leave your phone number at the beginning and end of your message and we will call you back and complete your phone order.  Thanks.

What are your hours?
Our hours are M-Sa from 10am-6pm.  We spend the entire day in the workshop and we're able to answer emails in the mornings/evenings.  The best way to contact us is via email at the.arkworkshop@gmail.com.  We usually respond to emails within 48 hours.  However, our primary concern is to stay on track with completing customer orders so that we can ship on time.

Do you offer discounts?
We do not have any type of discounted pricing because we have priced our items at their very low.  Long ago, we decided that we would always offer customers our best price and not try to finagle a few extra dollars out of a transaction.  Therefore, we do not have "seasonal sales" on items or discounts for volume purchases.  We want all customers to know that they're treated equally and with the same courtesies and service.  We try to keep our prices as low as we can despite the current increases in lumber prices.  Our material costs have gone up (like so many other things today) but we try to find ways to purchase materials in volume so that we can, perhaps, get a better price and then we're able to pass that onto our customers.  We work with FEDEX so that they offer us the lowest shipping prices that they can since we ship exclusively with them.  That, in turn, will benefit our customers.   We also do not cut corners and start making items smaller but charge the same or more.  Our products are always the same quality and we even try to make our products bigger and better so that everyone that does business with us knows they're getting great value at The Ark Workshop.

How can I send you notes or instructions regarding my order?
Toward the end of the ordering process is a section called SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS.  It is here where you can leave us notes or instructions about your order.  Once an order is placed, you will receive an immediate website-generated confirmation.  Then, a few days later we will send you a personal DETAILED ORDER CONFIRMATION generated by us.  This confirmation will summarize your order, mention any special requests you made, and provide an estimated delvery time.  

What size entrance do I need for a cat?
Over the years, we've learned that cat house entrances are actually determined by cat head size.  The general rule/philosophy is that if the head can fit through the opening, then the body will follow.  Since cats do not have shoulder bones, they can get through openings quite small.  Therefore, manufacturers of cat house entrances and doors make the openings around 6" or less.  Some of our wise, senior cat-advocate customers prefer 5" entrances.  They feel this helps to keep out drafts and predators.  Based on all this information, we have chosen to make our square entrance houses are 7"x7".  We make our round entrance houses 6".  The escape door exits are 5" round exits.  The POLY DOORs that we use (with removable flap) are 6"x6".  However, we also know that there are larger breed cats with big bodies and big bottoms and entrances may need to be adjusted.  That's why we are always happy to customize entrances and exits per a customer's request.  

Why do you recommend DOOR FLAPS on your entrances/exits.  
Any entrance (or exit) on a cat shelter needs to have flapping covering it and flapping that a cat can easily push through. Flapping creates a barrier between inside and out ..... keeping warm air in and cold air out. An entrance (or exit) without a flap would be like opening a window in your own home during the winter time. The house would soon fill with cold air.  The flaps we offer are rubberized, soft flap material for exterior use.  The entrance flap is slitted and non-restrictive. Cats can easily push through it ........ even timid cats. If needed, the flap is removable or can be pinned up above while a cat becomes accustomed to entering/exiting through the doorway.  However, the slitted nature of our entrance flaps allow most cats to easily push through the material. Harder, plastic flaps can be more challenging. We do offer a POLY DOOR entrance that has a firm flap. However, we use a poly door whereby the firm flap is removable so that the cat can train itself to enter/exit. Otherwise, a cat could perceive a firm flap entrance as being just another wall.

What is your product guarantee?

Does my cat house need an escape door?

Are two entrances good on a cat house?

Isn't an escape door & 2nd entrance the same thing?

What are your products made of?

Can I cancel my order?

What is the difference b/t straw and hay?

What kind of straw do you use?

Does your non-electric mat go above straw or below?

I have a stray cat coming around.  What should I get?

Is an insulated shelter too hot in the summer?

What is the difference between your Wooden Shelters & Emergency Shelters?  Is one warmer than the other?

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