Do Bat Houses Work?

Do Bat Houses Work?
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Ark Workshop Bat Houses do work.  This is how:  Bats are nocturnal which means that they sleep during the day and are active at night.  A bat house is great because it gives them a safe place to rest and relax.  After you mount your bat house, you will begin anxiously awaiting their arrival.  However, it may take a little time for them to find your house.   With Ark Workshop Bat Houses, we included information on how to increase the chances for bats to find the new home you’ve provided for them.  Bats sense heat pockets and ark workshop insulated roofs will help keep heat in, absorb heat, and act as a bat attractor.  They can sense the heat and it will draw them to the house as they are flying around at night.  If you have ever watched an action movie, sometimes they show “night vision” and how body heat looks at night.  Well, the warm roof and house might look something like that to a bat.  When a bat discovers your house, they will first land somewhere on the home.  Bats have little claws and those are great for helping them cling to things.  They will move around on the outside of the house until they find the opening at the bottom.  They will enter the house through the bottom and use the grooved sides to climb up into the house.  We feel natural grooves are better than manmade screening.  Those can come loose and bats claws can get caught up in them.  We feel keeping it natural is better.  Bats are fairly small.  Imagine a mouse with wings.  That is the approximate size of the common bat.   Since they are rather small, they will be able to fit through the 2 openings on the bottom.  Those openings are wide enough for them to fit through but small enough to keep out unwanted predators.   Bats will climb to the top of the inside of the house and they will huddle near the roof area and usually will hang upside down.  They huddle together so that they can keep warm and share each others body heat.  Ark Workshop bat houses are long and slender and bats like houses that have length.  It enables them to climb up further from the opening, away from the sunlight, and this makes them feel safe.  Also, heat rises upward and there will be a nice pocket of warm air up higher inside your  house.  Your bat shelter also has some natural air gaps up by the roof and that’s good.  It allows some air to circulate through the house so that it does not get too stuffy inside.   Bats will go to the bathroom while they are resting in their bat house.  Their droppings (called guano) will fall directly down and can start collecting on the ground right below the house.  Ooooh ….. gross….you might say.  However, this is one way to determine if you have bats in your bat home.  Check to see if there are some droppings on the ground below where you mounted your bat house.  If you do, then you know you have bats.  Don’t worry…there won’t be a lot of accumulation since the droppings will usually will just work itself into the ground/dirt.  Checking for bat droppings is a much better way to check for bats versus shinning a flash light up into the interior.  If you do get bats in your bat house, your local insect population should decrease dramatically throughout the summer months.   When fall approaches and temperatures being to drop, bats will leave your house and migrate south for the winter.  Bats migrate as far south as they need to find food.  Basically, they follow their food source.  However,  when Spring returns with warmer weather, and a new batch of insects, bats will return to your area.   Bats are considered  “creatures of habit” which means that the same bats you had in your house last year will return to the same house you provided for them.  Also, don’t be surprised if they bring some friends.  You may need to put up another bat house.  



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