CEDAR Lighthouse Mailbox

Lighthouse Mailbox
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  • Item #: LHS-MBOX-CDR

CEDAR Lighthouse Mailbox
- a decorative, focal point at the end of your driveway -
size: @26L x 15 W x 26H weight = 45 lbs
standard galvanized steel mailbox inside = 19x9x6
wooden bottom and will mount to all mailbox post systems

This LIGHTHOUSE MAILBOX will make an eye-catching addition to your home.  Highly detailed, fair pricing, and low shipping makes this a great deal. A MAILBOX IS YOUR HOUSE'S HANDSHAKE. This is a decorative, outdoor mailbox that makes a beautiful statement at the end of your driveway. A steel, galvanized mailbox is hidden inside and protects your mail from the weather. The mailbox is made of all cedar and has a unique shingled roof that will provide years of durability. Comes FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to use upon arrival.

This MAILBOX opens from the front and the traditional "red alert flag" is secured to the side. This LIGHTHOUSE MAILBOX has a lot of charm and will make a nice addition to your home. Easy to install and instructions are included. 


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MAILBOX NUMBER PLATE: $15 for an @ 3" x 8" number plate that can is secured to the side of the mailbox.  The letters are professionally typeset fonts which are latex laminated to a wooden board. The latex laminate allows it to withstand weather. Plate is attached for you. 

CEDAR SEAL: for $55 we will seal the entire outside and underside of the mailbox. Cedar is one of the best woods to use for outdoor items. It is a wood that can expand and contract with warm and cold weather. After a period of time, cedar will begin to lighten to a silvery gray. However, if you want to keep cedar looking its TAN color longer, then a sealant is recommended. We use a product called CLEAR WOOD FINISH. It is low odor, water soluble, and penetrates deep into the pours of the cedar.......providing a clear coat of protection and preserving the tan color. 

 SOLAR LIGHT: For an extra $35, we will install a solar light into the lighthouse head.  The light gives off a gentle warm glow ..... what you would expect from a landscaping solar light system.  The light system recharges itself via solar cells.  Only maintenance required is to occasionally change battery in the solar light.  Roof top removes so that you can gain access to light.  Instructions included.  

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Price $325.95