Cat Lounging Platform Deck Table
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  • Item #: CPDT - short - L-XL-JMB

.....for Large, XL, and JUMBO Houses/Feeding Shelters.....

Platform  weighs approx. 25 lbs.
OVERALL: approx 35"L x 35"W x 12"tall
(measurement taken from widest parts of platform)

LEG POSTS are made from 4x4 pine posts


FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM.  PLATFORM ONLY, HOUSE NOT INCLUDED.  Cats are a lot of fun and are like a member of the family. There's alot of pride when you provide a special shelter or feeding area for them. Here, at THE ARK WORKSHOP, we have a wide variety of cat houses and feeding shelters to choose from.  You should check them out.  This item is a special platform deck to rest your house or feeding shelter upon.  It raises a structure 1 feet off the ground and gives your cats more security. The platform is a great place for cat napping and sunning.  It is made of CEDAR which is probably the best wood for outdoor items.  The deck boards are spaced slightly apart to allow for water run through.  The legs are made of strong 4x4 pine posts.  The platform comes 99% ASSEMBLED (see NOTE below) and is secured together with BOTH nails and screws .. making it very DURABLE.  Another advantage of using this platform is that by raising your house or feeding shelter off the ground, you extend the life of those structures by getting it off the wet ground and splattering rains. 

NOTE: For shipping-safety reasons, the legs are removed for shipping. Upon arrival, customer will need to reposition the legs and tighten a few bolts to secure the legs underneath.  All hardware is included and easy-to-follow instructions are also included.  Easy to do.  Takes approx 15 minutes.

OPTIONAL FEATURES:  At the bottom of this page will be a way to choose options for your house.  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.


Aromatic RED CEDAR SHAVINGS BEDDING: $15 for approx @10lbs of cedar shavings. Shavings will cover approximately 2 cubic feet. This bedding is great for extra odor control, it naturally helps keep fleas and insects away, and cedar oil helps promote shiny coats. Shavings provide a bed that will help keep pets warm. 



NAME PLATE: $15 for an @ 3" x 12" name plate that can be secured to your house or platform.  The name plate can be the pet's name, etc or some cute saying that will give visitors a chuckle. The longer the name (or letters) the smaller the font size. The letters are professionally typeset fonts which are latex laminated to a wooden board. The latex laminate allows it to withstand weather. Plate is shipped unattached so that customer can determine where it should be placed. Screws provided.

CEDAR SEAL: for $45 we will seal the entire outside and underside of the house (the interior is not sealed and is kept natural). Cedar is one of the best woods to use for outdoor items. It is a wood that can expand and contract with warm and cold weather. It is a great insulator. After a period of time, cedar will begin to lighten to a silvery gray. However, if you want to keep cedar looking its TAN color longer, then a sealant is recommended. We use a product called CLEAR WOOD FINISH. It is low odor, water soluble, and penetrates deep into the pours of the cedar.......providing a clear coat of protection and preserving the tan color.


SELECTING OPTIONS TIP:  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" or "y" or "1" in the drop down box.  This will add the option to your order.

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