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.....unique hole entrance access.....
Dimensions: 12L x 10W x 11H          Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

Bluebirds are beautiful birds that are exciting to watch.  This handcrafted, ALL CEDAR CONSTRUCTED, feeder has many unique qualities. If you ever wanted to offer your bluebirds a special feeder, just for them, this design does just that. Bluebirds enter through the entrance holes on the sides, whereas some competitor birds are not able to do that.  The plexiglass sides keep the food in. The roof is shingled with cedar slats for extra durability and it swivels back for an easy fill. We also have included slippery tin on the inside of the feeder, just

under the entrance hole. The purpose of this is to prevent live mealworms from crawling out (for those who like to feed this type of food). It works great!   Bluebirds are known to really like mealworms LIVE or dried.  They also enjoy berries and other fruit.  This bluebird feeder comes with a hanging cord attached and it is ready to use when it arrives. The feeder can also be easily steel pole mounted or 4x4 wood post mounted.

NOTE: If you are mounting this feeder to a 4x4 post system, we strongly suggest getting our 4x4 baseplate that can be attached to the underside of the feeder.  Once attached, the sleeve enables you to just slide the feeder down onto your 4x4 and then secure it to your post with the screws that are provided.  It makes installing a snap!  If interested in this baseplate, just request it below in the EXTRA OPTIONS section.  We will reconfirm all order details in our followup emails.

OPTIONAL FEATURES:  When selecting an option below, simply check-mark the option and then type "yes" in the drop down box.  The option & amount will be added.  You can add/remove options as you wish.


4x4 CEDAR BASEPLATE:  For an additonal $5, we will be happy to include and attach a 4x4 TAN, CEDAR baseplate sleeve to the underside of this feeder.  This will act as a sleeve whereby you can now simply slide the feeder down onto a 4x4 post and then securely tighten it to the post.  It makes installing a snap!  No extra shipping when ordered here as an option below with the Bluebird Feeder.   Dimensions: 5L x 5W x 3H          Shipping Weight: 2 lbs


CEDAR SEAL: For an extra $9, we will be happy to seal the entire feeder inside & out with a high quality sealant called CWF by Flood.  Cedar is one of the best woods to use for outdoor items. It is a wood that can expand and contract with warm and cold weather. It performs very well to outdoor use. After a period of time, cedar will begin to lighten to a beautiful silvery gray. However, if you want to keep cedar looking its TAN color longer, then a sealant is recommended. We use a product called CLEAR WOOD FINISH. It is low odor, water soluble, and penetrates deep into the pours of the cedar thus creating a clear coat of protection and preserving the cedar's tan color. We include information about the sealant for those requesting the CEDAR SEAL. It is safe, odorless, and non toxic.  We feel it is the best sealant on the market.  A bit expensive ($30 per gallon) but we use it because it works great!


DRIED MEALWORMS: $9.95 for 7oz of dried mealworms. Dried mealworms are a nutritious and readily available protein-rich alternative to live foods. Perfect for feeding bluebirds and attracting insect eating birds.  They're an ideal food for adult birds to offer their spring nestlings. Easy and convenient to feed, place them on any platform type feeder or bluebird designed feeder.  Refrigerate after opening. 3.5 ounce can, approximately 2500 count. Feed alone or add to bird food and suet mixes.  No extra shipping when ordered as an option below with the Bluebird Feeder.   Dimensions: 4.5L x 4.5W x 4.5H          Shipping Weight: 7 oz


BLUEBIRD MEALWORM SUET: $2.95.   Made of highest quality beef kidney fat.  No-Melt & No-Mess perfect for warm and cold weather!  Birds can't resist nutritious mealworms!  Delight your birds with scrumptious suet cakes packed full with dried mealworms, roasted peanuts, corn and oats.  Mixed with high-fat beef suet in a no-melt cake for year-round feeding. 11 oz. each. No extra shipping when ordered here as an option below with the Bluebird Feeder.   Dimensions: 5L x 5W x 1.5H          Shipping Weight: 11 oz


SUET CAGE FEEDER: $4.95.   This sturdy cage is perfect for treating your backyard birds to their favorite suet or seed cake or for even dispensing nesting materials.  It’s just the right size for small tree limbs and you can even hang it under an existing feeder like the Bluebird Feeder or attach to a 4x4 post system.   No extra shipping when ordered here as an option below with the Bluebird Feeder.   Dimensions: 5.25L x 5.25W x 2H         Shipping Weight: .5 lbs


COPPERTOP SUET CAGE FEEDER: $9.95.   This suet cage feeder features a beautiful Coppertop design and will look great hanging in any backyard!  Features include Copper top, Metal suet cage, Easy to fill, Holds 1 suet cake, Easy to hang on tree or on the underside of our wooden Bluebird Feeder. No extra shipping when ordered as an option below with the Bluebird Feeder.   Dimensions: 5L x 3W x 7H         Shipping Weight: 2 lbs


BIRD BUDDY suet feeder/nest builder: $3.95.  This handcrafted item is an all cedar, unique bird feeder that attaches to any tree, post, or building. It can also be mounted to a post or deck rail. It holds 1 standard suet cake. Features include: strong suet cage for birds to feed, predrilled holes for mounting, and we include a homemade suet recipe that the birds love.

That's not all. Beside being a suet feeder, this item also can be used to hold nesting material. Fill the cage with some dryer lint, feathers, etc and watch the birds relentlessly fly back and forth to it as they are building their nests. It also works great for holding fruit, corn, bread, or other homemade items that you may want to offer your birds. We suggest getting a couple: one for feeding and another for the nest builder.  No extra shipping when ordered as an option below with the Bluebird Feeder.  Dimensions: 7L x 4W x 7H         Shipping Weight: 2 lbs


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