Bird Buddy Suet Feeder

Bird Buddy Suet Feeder & Nest Builder Holder
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  • Item #: BBSF-1

Bird Buddy Suet Feeder & Nest Builder

This handcrafted item is an all cedar, unique bird feeder that attaches to any tree, post, or building. It can also be mounted to a post or deck rail. It holds 1 standard SUET cake. Features iinclude: strong suet cage for birds to feed, predrilled holes for mounting, and we include a homemade suet recipe that the birds love.  This is a favorite feeder of Downy Woodpeckers.

That's not all. Beside being a suet feeder, this item also can be used to hold nesting material. Fill the cage with some dryer lint, feathers, etc and watch the birds relentlessly fly back and forth to it as they are building their nests. It also works great for holding fruit, corn, bread, or other homemade items that you may want to offer your birds. We suggest getting a couple: one for feeding and another for the nest builder.

Dimensions: 7L x 4W x 7H          Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

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Price $3.95