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Assembled Size: 6"deep x 7.5"wide x 19.5"tall
Each Weighs:  approx 6 lbs
Each house accommodates approx 20 bats.

     Do you have a team building event coming up and you need an activity for your participants?  We think we can help.  These bat house kits have everything you need.  We include all cedar board pieces with predrilled holes, nails, shingled roof piece, and detailed instructions (with illustrations) that will walk participants through each step. There's even bonus info that explains "How Bat Houses Work" and mounting suggestions.   Each house is individually shrink wrapped so that it will hold everything together.  All the moderator needs to do is hand a kit out to each participant.  They will then unwrap the kit and the fun begins!  We also include an extra set of instructions for the moderator.  You will need to provide safety goggles and a hammer for each participant ..... or have them share.  No woodworking should ever occur without protective eye wear.  

    Bat houses are very popular these days because they are a way of providing natural insect control. Bats eat alot of insects and many put up a bat house in order to help control their area insect population. Bats can eat their own body weight in insects in one evening and that's alot of bugs ..... especially mosquitos.  Bats are nocturnal which means that they are active at night and sleep during the day.  They basically work the night shift and use their bat house as a place to relax, feel safe, and sleep.  Bats are great hiders.  However, most of their hiding spots will only have enough room for 1 or 2 bats.  Bats like to travel in colonies and sleep in groups .... sharing one another's body heat.  Therefore bat houses provide a great way for more to congregate together.  According to bat experts, the most common reason a bat house does not get occupied is because it is too cold and drafty. Therefore, bat warmth is everything! Bats like a house that is warm. That's why many bats end up finding their way into attics. They're attracted to the heat. Ark Workshop Bat Houses have unique features that help maintain the proper interior temperature that bats require. The roof is protected with a shingled roof that absorbs heat and maintains interior temperature that bats like.  Also, the inner chamber is designed in such a way for bats to move around inside.  They can move from the front chamber to the back chamber.  This is important so that bats can control their own body temperature and move to either warmer areas or cooler areas of the house.  Each house easily attaches to any tree, house, building, or post. The interior walls are grooved so that bats can cling.  


Cedar construction for years of enjoyment.
Shingled roof for bat warmth and house durability.
Natural cedar is more appealing to bats.
Skinny & compact is good. Bats like to huddle.
 ..... Each house accommodates approx 20 bats .....  


NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING:  If ordering more than 16 house kits, there is a possibility that you may be able to receive a shipping discount.  This website is set up to calculate shipping costs in terms of 6-8 per box.  However, when dealing with larger quantities, and if we ship directly to a business, we may be able to find a lower ship rate for larger orders.  Just contact us and let us know the quantity you're considering, your zip code, and if you are shipping to a business.  FEDEX offers lower rates on business to business shipment.  Also, to determine shipping charges at any time ..... simply proceed with the transaction as if you were going to purchase but stop short of making payment.  Thanks.  

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EXTRA BAT KITS:  each bat house kit (of the 6 PACK special) is approximately $23.32.    If you need a different number of kits other than 6, 12, 18, etc ..... then you can select the extra quantities you need through the various options listed below.  Each house will remain the low $23.32 price.    

PLEASE SEE HOMEPAGE FOR TURNAOUND TIME.   Delivery time fluctuates based on our current order commitments and workshop openings.  It's always best to order sooner vs. later.  Contact us if you have specific time requests.

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