Ark Workshop Donations

Ark Workshop Donations
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Ark Workshop Donations Accepted and Appreciated

The Ark Workshop has been in business for over 25 years.  This business began due to the devotion we have toward animals & wildlife along with our strong passion to build housing & feeders for them.   Taking a leap of faith, we left corporate America to pursue this dream.  The road is continually challenging but very rewarding at the same time.  Not too long ago, we made the decision to devote a special focus toward the Feral Cat Community.  After doing much research and coming to understand their challenges, we felt it important to start offering affordable housing for outdoor cats.  We design all our products based upon research, customer input, and our own experiences with what works.  Our goal is to always create quality housing that will last a long time and be accepted by the animals they’re intended to help.

Over the years, we have had many transactions with wildlife enthusiasts and fellow cat lovers.  Some have wanted to express their thankfulness in a financial way.  In addition, we often serve as an educational resource for those researching cats and cat housing.  We answer all emails and phone calls received …. and … we provide answers and suggestions to all questions asked.  It’s our pleasure to share the information we’ve gleaned over the years.  We'll also give guidance to the DIY’er.

Below is a donation link if you felt that you wanted to express thankfulness or generosity toward The Ark Workshop.  All funds received will go directly back into helping workshop efficiency such as equipment upgrades, creating inventory space for quicker turnarounds, and/or anything that helps us better improve our service to the feral cat community, wildlife industry, and our customers.   

Thank you for your consideration.







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